By registering for and participating in the Walkaroo Coimbatore Marathon 2022 (“Marathon”), I acknowledge and accept that I am aware that long-distance running is an extreme sport and can be injurious to my body and health.

Basis my responses to the questionnaire in the registration form, the organizers have contacted me and recommended that I consult my doctor and undergo a complete medical examination to assess my suitability to participate in the Event and obtain a medical clearance certificate.  Since I have not been able to obtain such a certificate, I am providing this undertaking.

I agree that I am aware of all risks associated with participating in this Marathon.

I take full responsibility for participating in the Marathon 2022 and do not hold the Organizers of the  Marathon, Coimbatore Runners, Coimbatore Cancer Foundation, Show Space, event Partners, or other persons or entities involved in organizing the Marathon, responsible for any injury, illness, incident or accident, loss or damage suffered by me as a result of participating in the event.