To help you finish at 1:50, we have two speedsters from the small towns of Tamil Nadu - Sivakumar from Dharmapuri and Parthi Kumar from Karamadai.


Siva started running in 2016 with the Chennai Runners - Pillar Pacers. Starting with 10K events, he completed over 15 half-marathons and was a pacer for 2 events.

He further completed full marathons at Hyderabad and Chennai and also finished 50K at the Yercaud Hills Ultra.

Parthi Kumar

Parthi’s running journey started along with the journey of Coimbatore marathon. A very popular personality on the social media for his pictures and lovely captions that accompany them. Running helps him to be one with nature and he loves running barefoot to get real; at times, he goes shirtless too!

Parthi was a pacer for the event last year and comes back to pace at 1:50.


The 2:00 Hour bus is filled with a mix of our regular runners and seasoned pacers - Vadivel from Chennai, Shiv Shankar Kosgi from Hyderabad and Coimbatore’s very own Ramesh a.k.a Robo.


IT professional during the week and avid trekker during the weekend, Vadivel gets inspired by nature, sports and adventure activities. In his own words, long distance running happened ‘suddenly’ but it stayed with him and further inspired a community of runners in ‘Vibrant Velachery.’ He has run long distances from 5K to 50K in various places including Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa, Auroville and also Coimbatore. He completed the ‘Navagraha Run’ – a run across 9 temples spaced between 170 Kms and the run was spread over 4 days. His personal bests for a 5K stands at 21 mins and for a half-marathon at 1 hr 36 mins. A regular at Coimbatore Marathon, he has been a pacer in previous editions too.

He actively encourages running to his friends and comes back as a pacer to help runners accomplish their goal of completing under 2:00 hours.

Shiv Shankar Kosgi

Given his experience in running, it would surprise many that Shiv started running only in 2012. Over the past 6 years, he has ventured in various aspects fo running, from organising events to be a running coach, a certified long distance running coach from Road Runners club of America (RRCA).

In his own words "love running, it started to change me inside out. I could feel myself and see myself getting fitter and stronger and I could run longer and faster. That sense of accomplishment, the endorphins, and being outside really made me love it."

He has paced in many events and eagerly looking forward to pace in Coimbatore Marathon.


Ramesh, aka ROBO, a regular runner with the Coimbatore Runners - CODISSIA Chapter, started running in 2013 to prepare himself for the first Coimbatore Marathon. He has since completed half-marathons in various places like Annur, Chennai, Cochin, a Full Marathon in Bengaluru and a 50K in Kodai Ultra. His personal bests for 10K stands at 44 mins and for a half-marathon at 1 hr 44 mins.

He was also a pacer for the 2017 edition of the Coimbatore Marathon and looks forward to help runners this time too.


Missed your 2 hour target… Don’t worry for you have a chance to run with three wonderful men and still enjoy the 2:15 finish!

Kannan Sankarambadi

The youth who defies his age in his runs, Kannan Sankarambadi is a legend in many running circles. His ever smiling and cheerful persona in running events attracts many runners to join him on his pacing bus; and of course, the lens of photographers!

Started running in 2011, he has finished over 58 Half-marathons, 1 full marathon and many 10K events. He loves running in Coimbatore and a regular in the event since inception. The flat, fast and fabulous route has helped him to clock his personal best in Half-marathon under 2 hours!

“Running is everything to me and without running, I would not be what I am physically and mentally. The passion to run and do well is still intact and would like to keep going for next 10 years minimum”

Jaya Jaya Raman

Jaya Jaya Raman, popularly known as JJR, started running with Chennai Runners - Porur Racers in 2013. He has run five full marathons and many half marathons, including being a pacer for few events. Also a keen cyclist, he has undertaken many 100K+ rides. He is a regular participant in Coimbatore Marathon and was also a pacer in previous editions.

A practicing Chartered Accountant, he doesn’t miss his training regime focusing 3 days of running, 2 days of strength training and 1 day of cross training either cycling or swimming.

Rajesh will be the third pacer for the event.


The 2:30 bus is spearheaded by Kumaravel from Chennai and ably assisted by Arunandhi Chelvan from Erode and Gopinath from Chennai.


Kumar started running to combat diabetes six years ago and it has now turned into a passion along with photography. As an active member of Chennai Runners at T Nagar, he promotes running in the neighbourhood. His running experience include two ultra-marathons (50K), eighteen full marathons, and many half-marathons and 10K runs. He has been regular pacer at Coimbatore since 2016. “My running goal is simple, Injury free running for long and run marathon under 3:30“ - who says he can’t?


Gopi started running in 2013 and his first experience of a running event was at Coimbatore. A regular runner since, he has participated in various half marathon and completed few full marathons including Mumbai and Amsterdam marathons. A keen cyclist, he regularly participates in the brevet and all set to pace in this edition after completing the 600 BRM, a week ago.

Arunandhi Chelvan

Arun took up to running during his post graduation days at Manipal, a decade back. The beauty of hills and valleys around Manipal made him develop a special love for Trail running. A cancer surgeon by profession, his passion for running goes to the extent of designing his own running sandals. He has finished several half-marathon, 10 full marathons, and a few ultra marathons including a 50K, a 75K and 12 hour stadium run.

He calls Coimbatore as his second home and enjoys running it every year.


The 2:45 bus is not short of fun and excitement with Ashok, Moorthy Govindarajan (MoGo) and Suresh running it!


Ashok started running in 2013 with the Chennai Runners - Pillar pacers. Running soon became a family affair as he is always joined by his wife Nandini and his children. His first experience of running a marathon was at Coimbatore in 2013 and has since participated in eight full marathon and many half-marathons. His first experience of being a pacer was at Coimbatore last year and enjoyed the “great responsibility, encouraging the runners and motivate them to finish within their targeted time.”


Whether it is a 100m run or a 100Km run,MoGo takes it upon his stride with ease and accomplishes it with his cheerful attitude. Starting running in 2013, he has run over 34 half-marathons, 7 full marathons, 12-hour stadium runs and a 100K for Oxfam International. In his own words, “Running, always takes me into a zone of tranquility and stillness of mind. A space from where I am able to reflect, focus and find a way to move ahead amidst challenges faced in professional and personal life. It has also become a means for me to find and connect with various other fellow partners of running (crimes) across geographies, age groups and professions. I find the melting pot of the running world extremely educative and motivating.”


Suresh has been a regular runner for over 2 decades and a member of the Cool Runners, Chennai. He has run in many half-marathons, a regular in Chennai Marathon and possibly any event organised in the region over the past decade. He has also run the multi stage ‘Navagraha ottam’ spanning over 4 days and over 170 Km. He comes with the experience of being a pacer in DRHM and TWCM.


It is not over till the three magnificent women arrive at the finish line. To help runners finish under 3:00 hours, we have Nandini from Chennai, Niha from Hyderabad and Poornima from Mumbai.


“It’s not about the bling, podium or the race for us…It’s simply about being together and staying fit!” - Between Nandini and Ashok, it is difficult to say who paces whom?; To keep it simple, both of them pace in this event, albeit in different buses! A popular school teacher by profession, she just runs the talk. From running marathons to training runners to pacing in events to organising events, her enthusiasm gets the crowd together and keep them moving forward. “In 2017 took delight in pacing the 3Hrs Half Marathon bus. Now it's that time of year when everyone is eagerly waiting to run in Coimbatore to achieve their dream target, and I'm glad that I will be driving the 3hrs bus yet again!” If you have to trust someone to be on time, you have to rely on the Teacher!


Niha started running in 2015 and has travelled widely to participate in events across India. Her first pacing experience was in Hyderabad this year and is excited to pace again. “It was my 1st experience as a pacer.. I paced for 10k for 70min bus... it was awesome experience & happy to see so many smiling faces at the finish line who all finished with me in 70min who were running with me.” Needless to say, she will put a smile in each one of the runner at the finish!


Looking at her experience, one would be astounded that Poornima started, rather, got addicted to running only in 2016. Her running experience ranges from 10K runs to full-marathons to ultra marathon to a 3-day 160K run from Mumbai to Pune. She loves travelling and running gives her the perfect opportunity to run, meet and greet runners across the country. Coming fresh from the experience of pacing the 3 hour bus in Hyderabad, she is all set to help you to finish under 3 hours and possibly, get addicted to running! Some addictions are good indeed!

0:00 Pacers/Sweepers

Coimbatore Marathon pioneered the concept of 0:00 Pacers. The two ‘youngsters’ of Coimbatore Runners - PCM and Pandian are around to ensure that the runners at the tail end of the race do not demoralised and go on to finish the event.

You can read more about them here -